My First Ambitious Game Project!

In this 2D arena brawler, the players spawn into a map where there are gun spawning pedestals placed in various locations. They have hurry to get the weapons they desire to secure themselves early. Weapons each have their own unique ammo reserves and once they've depleted, the weapon is disposed of. Watch out, though, players that throw their guns (voluntarily or through ammo reserve depletion) can aim where they are throwing it, and any of the weapons you come across pack a pretty mean punch! Unarmed players can also attempt to jump off of the heads of their enemies, damaging them and leaving them temporarily dazed. With the choices and variety in weapons, players are sure to develop favorites that they scan the map for as soon as they spawn in.

Check List

  • - Tilemap-created Levels
  • - 30+ weapons
  • - Shared Screen Multiplayer
  • - Fast Paced Intense Fights
  • - World "Depth" via paralaxing
  • - Snappy, tight controls
  • - Parallax Backgrounds
  • - Volcanos
  • - Explosions
  • - VolleyBall Mini-game
  • - 2D
  • - Arena
  • - Shooter

Weapons Gallery

State of Play

The game is playable with a handful of custom made levels, local multiplayer up to 4 players, tight 2D platformer controls, 30+ weapons that encourage a few different play styles, timed weapon spawning pedestals, and competetive fast-paced gameplay. I conducted a handful of playtests with classmates of mine and received great feedback! Everyone seemed to understand, without any instruction, what was going on when they picked up a controller and seemed to be having fun with it! That being said, I haven't touched it since then! That being said, with the right group of people, it would be a really fun side project to kick back up!