single tile dotween

The Idea!

TriJam 150 was here and the theme vote landed us at Grouping. I thought of a few different things but, after bouncing some ideas off of a few friends and co-workers, I decided my other contending ideas would involve gameplay mechanics too similar to a game I had made for a previous game jam and I wanted to work on something new. It's simple -- free-draw any shape to encapsulate groups of objects that match.

The To-Do List!

- Create simple 3D models that can easily be distinguished

- Generate a grid of these objects

- Click and drag to draw

- Check the drawn polygon for objects

- Count up each encapsulated object by type

- Award points to the player for each encapsulated object

- Destroy objects within the drawn polygon

all tiles dotween

The "Game": A Post Mortem

first run of gameplay

I had most of the stuff you could expect from a game made in 3 hours:

User input, a response to that input, an overall score, some simple music, sounds effects, some satisfying juiciness...

But it didn't feel like a game. There was nothing the player was working towards, nothing(built in) to challenge them, there were no defined goals. It was just a chill gem popping game with an arbitrary score and somewhat satisfying popping sounds. But I was just about out of time! So I just called it a laid-back, casual, chill game. Given more time I would like to have added some limitations such as limited drawing/"ink", a timer, negative effects (beyond just losing any multipliers) for encapsulating items of different types, or even some "bad" objects that, when encapsulated, would remove time rom said timer or even end the game.