SwingGuy gameplay of level 1
SwingGuy gameplay of level 1

A game of Repetition until Perfection

SwingGuy is a 2D puzzle game with platformer-esque mechanics. In control of SwingGuy, a small cube creature, the player's goal is to assist SwingGuy in reaching a target endpoint on each level. There are user interactions the player can perform to have SwingGuy enact one of its two actions; swinging, and jumping. A swing action will first perform a jump action as long as SwingGuy is touching the ground/walls with a part of its body. There is an "anchor point" on each level that the rope in which SwingGuy swings on gets attached to. Each level has it's own layout, anchor point as well as the possibility of hazards and/or locked doors! All of these make perfecting the levels something that may take a few tries. You'll want to perfect the levels, though, because your achievements in 2 categories, "time" and "action quantity", will be displayed to your friends on the leaderboards! So you're not only ranked by how fast you can complete the level, but also by how few inputs you've registered to do so

SwingGuy gameplay of level 1
SwingGuy tumbling around

SwingGuy is a creature who will, likely, leave you appalled at the sheer elegance in their movement. They are graceful, limber, agile, and down-right acrobatic!

SwingGuy tumbling... again

But, when SwingGuy (rarely) falls over or makes a miscalculation (who could blame them), they springfully whip themselves back into place and are ready to continue on their way as if it had never happened! And I wouldn't put money on it happening again! Like I already mentioned, these cases are super rare and I wouldn't want to take any monetary risks!

SwingGuy... still tumbling

SwingGuy doesn't get discouraged, though! They know that if they want to learn to climb, they may have to endure falling sometimes!

SwingGuy Level Examples

A reel of levels in SwingGuy

Here you can see a variety of levels that are featured in-game. Some of the levels players encounter further along in their play will have hazards such as lasers and spinning razer blades. Then they will start seeing levels that require them to pick up "keys" to unlock doors that reveal a path that leads to the finish zone of the level.